Why nordic walk with Pembrokeshire paths ?

Some folk come for the exercise but there’s more to nordic walking than just exercise. We tempt our walkers into Pembrokeshire’s great outdoors and if they haven’t previously experienced the feeling of refreshment that comes from walking along peaceful paths, then that’s where we come in.

All our nordic walking is outdoors and we hold our training classes in stunning locations, taking advantage of the beautiful countryside and magnificent landscapes that is Pembrokeshire, deserted golden beaches, mysterious sacred hills and silent forgotten woodlands.

So it’s more than just a work out, it’s a walk out, we get out and begin to appreciate our marvellous open landscape.

Not only do we offer beginner training classes but we offer regular nordic social walks around West Wales. We also arrange nordic walking holidays and classes, showing off the “best of Pembrokeshire’s beautiful countryside and landscape”.

12 benefits of Nordic walking

  1. Nordic Walking uses approximately 90% of the body’s muscles,including the important ‘core strength’ muscles.
  2. Nordic walking uses up to 45% more calories that normal walking.
  3. Nordic Walking with poles leads to improvement in posture.
  4. Nordic Walking can reduce joint stress by up to 30% compared to walking without poles,which is helpful for those who suffer from painful joints.
  5. Nordic Walkers who suffer back pain often report a reduction in pain when walking.
  6. Nordic Walking is good weight-bearing exercise, and therefore helps to keep your bones strong and healthy.
  7. Nordic Walking can reduce muscle tension in the neck and shoulder region.
  8. Nordic Walking is an excellent rehabilitation exercise after illness,surgery or injury.
  9. Nordic Walking is ideal for people with balance and instability problems, the extra support of the poles can lead to increased levels of confidence.
  10. Nordic Walking poles make it easier to walk uphill and downhill,by utilising the upper body for extra support and power.
  11. Nordic Walking can be used as a challenging workout for serious athletes and sports persons.
  12. Nordic Walking brings a natural rhythm to the walk and a feeling of less perceived effort.
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