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It all began when I was a child, I loved going outdoors and becoming immersed in everything around me. I loved visiting sites of interests and museums, I wanted to see how it all fitted together out there.

Having my roots in the Ebbw valley of South Wales, I moved to Pembrokeshire as a child and was always drawn to the pristine beauty of the Pembrokeshire Coastline. I loved to walk the cliff tops, play around in rock pools, learn about the wildlife, the coastal wildflowers, the seabirds and I was brought up on that fresh, wholesome engagement with the outdoors.

I was also fascinated about how our people lived in this place throughout all of history. Ancient historic sites became a magnet for me and I started walking the Preseli hills and surrounding valleys to search out these ancient monuments and remains which gave me an opportunity to reach back and touch a connection with the generations throughout history.

There was a mystery at play, why did our ancestors spend so much of their time and energy in building these challenging monuments. There was a sense of another world, our ancestors reaching out into the unknown, out to the stars and making a connection inside and out with what may lie beyond the grave and beyond ourselves. In essence there was a sense of spirituality at work, a feeling of something greater and awesome beyond what our initial surface consciousness experiences. I was hooked and I wanted to know more and seek further. I studied theology for a while and my journey soon led me to the Celtic Saints and that great coming together of the magnetic visionaries of the 6th century, St David, St Teilo, St Brynach and the holy wells, the Churches and stories associated with these great men.

My journey of discovery continued and I was intrigued by the further comings and goings in our great county. Great battles, the Normans and the Welsh, the Norman strongholds of Pembroke castle, Carew and others, the Civil war. The last invasion of Britain and the forts of the Haven protecting from further invasion, 20th century military bases and the Sunderland flying boats. Pembrokeshire people like Henry VII and the beginnings of the Tudor Dynasty, Giraldus Cambrensis or Gerald of Wales, Princess Nest and Twm Carnabwth known as Rebecca of the Rebecca riots.

And where did all of this natural curiosity, deep searching and passion lead me to. Well to cut a long story short I became really excited to share all of this with you and I became a tour guide and storyteller. I have done the graft, completed the training and there was a lot of it and now I am fully accredited and trained to lead you on some inspirational tours of Pembrokeshire. I can lead you on walking tours from 1 mile to 200 miles, yes I do mean that, I have led a 22 day walk for the Cultural Olympiad in Wales in 2012, see the picture above, that’s at the beginning of our walk at Llanthony Abbey.

I can lead you in your own vehicle, we can hire a minibus or coach or even take you out on public transport, buses and trains.

So please get in touch, have a chat and tell me how I can help you get the best out of your visit to Pembrokeshire.

“Let’s get to the heart of the matter and really get to know how Pembrokeshire ticks.”

See you soon – Andrew

Email address : info@pembrokeshirepaths.co.uk
07801 579225