Gentle nordic walking

Gentle nordic walking workshops

Nordic walking is truly an activity for all ages and abilities.  From the young and fit to the elderly and less mobile.
Nordic walking can certainly become a fulfilling, health promoting activity for the less mobile.  As we get older or are recovering or suffering from a condition that restricts our mobility, nordic walking can give you that extra support.

Nordic walking can improve your confidence, to step  outside and to increase your walking activity.  You will learn nordic walking techniques that will offer additional support to avoid trips and falls.  You will also learn some simple techniques that will help you walk uphill and downhill more efficiently and for walking up and down steps.

Nordic walking exercises and strengthens the majority of your body muscles and joints, bringing added endurance to all your other activities.  During our nordic walking sessions, we will also concentrate on posture, learning simple supporting exercises to improve your posture and walking gait.  Nordic walking is a holistic activity which brings a wholeness to the body, helping to achieve a better balance and co-ordination of the body and it's movement.

You will learn the nordic walking  techniques over 4 progressive weeks of gentle nordic walking tuition.

Cost £40 for 4 sessions. Hire of poles included.
Scolton Manor - 10:30 to 11:45

Saturday 1st October  2016
Wednesday 8th October 2016
Wednesday 15th October 2016
Wednesday 22nd October 2016