Reconnect in Nature CIC (formerly known as ‘Walk With Friends’) was established in 2009, and has developed from its beginnings as a walking group for people experiencing mental health problems.  It now encompasses a wide range of outdoor activities and a wider group of participants, many of whom have experienced multiple disadvantages including combinations of the following characteristics: being very isolated and lonely (exacerbated by rurality), long term unemployed,financial difficulties, experiencing mental health issues, physical and learning disabilities, and drug and/or alcohol misuse.

Reconnect supports people, who face multiple ‘social harms’ and are furthest from the employment market, in developing the skills and confidence they need to participate more fully in society. Reconnect undertakes its engagement in the natural environment and utilises nature as a natural healing ally, alongside the supportive social benefits of peer mentor support.

Essentially our work helps people move forwards from the feeling of being stuck, resulting in

  • transformation in people’s outlook
  • improvement in well being including mental wellbeing
  • confidence
  • social skills
  • become empowered
  • self esteem – feeling valued
  • discovering strengths and what they enjoy doing
  • discovering potential
  • becoming optimistic about future
  • becoming enthused to take next steps